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اليمن أحلى

               اليمن أجمل 




        عذب الكـــــــــلام


معين الكلام    



عندما تشتاق

تتمنى أن تنقلب وجوه الناس كلهم ..

وجـهاً واحدا .. لا يألفه غـيرك ..!

لا يشعر به الا وجدانـــك ..!

انه وجه ذلك الانسان الذي سبب لك

هذا الشعور اللامألوف في نفسك


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نصوص سياسية للترجمة

                                                                      نصوص سياسية للترجمة


1-Peacekeeping is essential for the success of postwar settlement.
2-The authorities may consider the application of asylum seekers.
3-They are meeting with the aim of boosting biletral relations.
4-In an open session he highlighted the need to contain terrorism.
5-The delegation leader to the summit will propose a mutual cooperation with his counterpart.
6-U.S. secretary of state urged the two parties to make some concessions in order to advance peace process.
7-The murderous regime equiped itself with mass destruction weapons.
8-Inclusive democracy embraces all minorities and no one will be a victim of racism.
9-Casting votes in elections should be followed by public accountability.
10-Free press prevents forming illegitimacy of authoritarian rule .
11- He was described as the centeral figure of the suicide attack.
-12-A senior military intelligence official was captured during a secret mission in the occupied West Bank.
13-Arab News daily reported that Arab League secretary-general presided the conference.
14-National assembly speaker flies to Damascus.
15- Addressing the meeting, he explained his readiness to comat ignorance, poverty and diseases.

computer disks In Iraq

         The U.S. military in Iraq discovered two computer disks containing photographs, evacuation plans and academic information from eight school districts in six states.
Government officials said the FBI has not found any link to terrorism, and said there is no information including a plot against any school in the United States.
The material included exit strategies, school codes of conduct, and information on creating a fearing environment, officials said. The school districts mentioned in the material were notified in the past few weeks so the would be aware and could take any action they deemed necessary.  In some cases, they were asked not to make the information public because it is classified.

  وقل رب زدني علما