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اليمن أحلى

               اليمن أجمل 




        عذب الكـــــــــلام


معين الكلام    



عندما تشتاق

تتمنى أن تنقلب وجوه الناس كلهم ..

وجـهاً واحدا .. لا يألفه غـيرك ..!

لا يشعر به الا وجدانـــك ..!

انه وجه ذلك الانسان الذي سبب لك

هذا الشعور اللامألوف في نفسك


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Classroom Language

Classroom Language

. Practical ideas for introducing classroom language

Play an imperative game by getting the students to follow your instructions. Then they can continue the activity in pairs. Here are some example instructions:

Point to the window / door, please. Stand up / Sit down, please. Touch your book / pen / ears, please. Clap your hands, please. Draw a circle / the number 5 in the air, please.

Open / Close your books, please.    Turn round, please. Look at the board / door, please. Say "Hello”, please. Hold up 5 / 10 fingers, please.

Put your bag/pen/ pencil on the floor / desk, please. Write ... in your books, please.

. Examples of classroom language (Note that this is not an exhaustive list)

The list in the table below is divided into three sections:

 -Language for teacher-to-student communication for the teacher to use when he/she talks to the students

 Language for student-to-student communication for the students when they communicate with each other

 Language for student-to-teacher communication for the students to use when they speak to the teacher

Language for teacher to student communication

Language for student to student communication

Language for student to teacher communication

Open your books at page ..., please.

It is my / your turn.

How do you say ... in English / Chinese?

Sit down / Stand up, please. 

Whose turn is it?

Can you repeat that, please?

Look at ..., please.

You start.  

(I am sorry.) I do not understand.

Point to ..., please.

I’ll start.

How do you spell it / that?

Work in pairs / groups, please.

You get one point.       

How do you pronounce it / that?

Change roles, please.

You’re the winner.

What is the past simple form of .?

Whats this / that?

Throw the dice, please.

Can you write it on the board, please?

Spell ... for me, please?

Can you repeat that, please?

What should I do?

Come to the board, please.

Can you speak louder, please?

Which page is it on?

Write ..., please.

Colour it [colour name], please.

What does this / that mean?

Sit there / here, please.

Draw a ..., please.

Can you help me / us, please?

Change places, please.

Can I help you?

Is this right / correct?

Colour it [colour], please.        

Thank you (very much). Excuse me.

[teacher's name]. I can't hear you.

Draw a(n) ...,please.

Excuse me.

I’m sorry. I forgot my book(s).

Be quiet!

May I have ..., please?

I’m sorry Im late.

Class, please say this sentence after me.

May I borrow your ..., please?      

Thank you very much.









Classroom language - Essential phrases

The language spoken in the lessons is English. These are the most important phrases you should know, understand, or be able to use.

The Magic Words

Excuse me.



No, thank you.

Thank you.

You're welcome.


I'm sorry.

Must Know Vocabulary















Question mark



Greetings/Small Talk

Good morning everybody.

Good afternoon everyone.

See you tomorrow/ Friday/next week.

How are you today?


Not too bad.

What's up?

Not much.

Have a nice/good day!

Now, let's start today's lesson.

Now, let's begin today's lesson.

Today we will be going to (blah, blah, blah).

General Clarity English Questions

I don't understand.

How do you say "blah, blah, blah" in English?

What do you call "blah, blah, blah" in English?

Are you saying "blah blah blah"?

Can you say that again, please?

What does "blah, blah, blah" mean?

Could you explain it once more, please?

What is the meaning of "blah, blah blah"?

What does it mean?

Would you repeat that?

Can you speak more slowly?

Can you speak more loudly?

Opposite meaning.

What is the opposite meaning of " hot"?

Would you read the last sentence a little more slowly?

"Cold" is the opposite meaning of "hot".

Would you mind speaking louder?

What page?

It means the same thing.

What is another meaning for "big"?

"Large" is another meaning for "big".

Teacher to Student Classroom English

What's the problem?

Ready? Are you ready?


Here we go.

That's correct.


Could you speak louder, please? I can't hear you.

Let's go/start.

That's right.

Now let's go/move on to...

One more time.


Please pronounce each word.

Listen carefully.

Looks good.

Student to Teacher Classroom English

Can I come to your office?

How should I pronounce "blah, blah, blah"?

How do you pronounce this word?

Would you pronounce the word "blah, blah, blah"?

How do you spell "blah, blah, blah"?

What does USA stand for?

Would you give us an example?

How do you spell that?

Could you explain a little bit more about that?

What do you mean?

What is the difference between "a" and "b"?

I didn't understand today's lesson.

I don't understand the homework.

Just a minute/second/sec.

When is the homework due?

Excuse me, can I talk to you for a minute?

I'm sorry I am late.

Can I go to the restroom?

Can I change seats?




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